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Create a nonprofit executive search plan — before it becomes necessary


Don’t need a new executive? Your nonprofit should form a search team anyway.

Tags: nonprofit

How to determine if you need to worry about estate taxes


An estate tax repeal could be part of tax reform, but it may not affect you. Here’s why.

Tags: estate, tax

Put your audit in reverse to save sales and use tax


Is your business due a sales and use tax refund? Find out with a reverse audit.

Tags: audit, tax

Close-up on cutoffs for reporting revenues and expenses


Timing is critical in financial reporting. Here’s a primer on accrual-basis cutoffs.

Tags: reporting

Is one of your nonprofit’s board members behaving badly?


Don’t tolerate nonprofit board members who display these eight disruptive behaviors

Tags: nonprofit

Will Congress revive expired tax breaks?


Tuition, mortgage insurance and debt forgiveness might save 2017 tax if breaks are extended.

Tags: tax

Material participation key to deducting LLC and LLP losses


Learn what you need to do to be able to deduct current business losses.

Tags: llc, llp

How external auditors can leverage your internal audit work


Got internal auditors? Together, we can make financial reporting easier and more effective.

Tags: audit

Reporting collaborative activities: A complex issue for nonprofits


Read this before trying to report your nonprofit’s collaborative activities.

Tags: reporting

A refresher on the ACA’s tax penalty on individuals without health insurance


If you don’t have “minimum essential” health coverage, beware of potential tax penalties.

Tags: aca, tax