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Management letters: Have you implemented any changes?


It’s common for businesses to stick with the same policies, procedures and practices from year to year. Management letters offer fresh insights from the audit trenches. Here’s why you should heed your auditor’s advice.

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Uncle Sam may provide relief from college costs on your tax return


Want to offset the high cost of college? There may be a federal tax credit for higher education costs that you can claim. Here are the basic details.

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5 ways to withdraw cash from your corporation while avoiding dividend treatment


Dividends paid out by corporations are taxable to shareholders and can’t be deducted by the corporation. But there may be ways to get cash out of your corporation without dividend treatment. Here are five ideas.

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Budgeting is key to a successful start-up


Navigating a start-up business without a financial roadmap can be perilous. Here’s how to jumpstart the budgeting process.

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Nonprofits can borrow, but finding a lender may be tough


You may think your nonprofit has a good rationale for taking out a loan. But banks may not agree. Here’s how to find a lender that will offer reasonable rates and terms.

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Getting a divorce? There are tax issues you need to understand


Getting a divorce can be a painful process. You don’t want to make it worse by making decisions that will cost you more in taxes. Here are four issues to consider if you’re in the process of getting a divorce.

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2019 Q4 tax calendar: Key deadlines for businesses and other employers


For businesses, fall means it’s time to begin year-end tax planning. It’s also time to think about the fourth quarter 2019 filing deadlines.

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Auditing grant compliance


Got grants? Juggling multiple levels of grant compliance can be time consuming and frustrating. Here’s how our audit team can help streamline the process.

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A policy can help nonprofits look “gift horses” in the mouth


Yes, you should look “gift horses” in the mouth when they’re gifts to your nonprofit. If you need to decline something, a gift acceptance policy makes it easier to do so without offending the contributor.

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The next estimated tax deadline is September 16: Do you have to make a payment?


The third estimated tax payment deadline is coming up. Here are the details of when it is and whether you’re required to make a payment.

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