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The operating reserve is your nonprofit’s financial safety net


What is an operating reserve? Cash set aside for a rainy day? Is it the same as a nonprofit’s net worth? And how much is too little, or too much? Read on for some answers.

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What will your marginal income tax rate be?


The TCJA made changes to some of the middle income tax brackets that may negatively affect unmarried taxpayers and positively affect married taxpayers. Find out the potential impact on your rate for 2018 and 2019.

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Higher mileage rate may mean larger tax deductions for business miles in 2019


Businesses generally can determine their vehicle expense deductions either by calculating the actual expenses or using the IRS’s standard mileage rate, which has increased for 2019. Here’s what you need to know.

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How do profits and cash flow differ?


In business, cash is king. Unfortunately, the accounting concept of “profits” may not be the best metric for gauging whether a business is on top of its game.

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Charitable donations: Unraveling the mystery of motivation


There are probably as many motivations as there are charitable donors, and most people have more than one reason to support a particular nonprofit. We look at a few less-obvious factors.

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2 major tax law changes for individuals in 2019


Changes to the medical expense deduction and the tax treatment of alimony go into effect in 2019. Find out the details.

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Is there still time to pay 2018 bonuses and deduct them on your 2018 return?


If you’re like many business owners, you pay out annual bonuses to attract, retain and motivate employees. Depending on the circumstances, paying bonuses in early 2019 might reduce your 2018 tax liability.

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4 ideas for fostering a partnership between internal and external auditors


Attention, internal auditors: Let’s make a New Year’s resolution to work together more effectively in 2019.

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A review of significant TCJA provisions impacting individual taxpayers


Just because it’s now 2019 doesn’t mean you can forget about the TCJA changes that went into effect last year. The impact on individuals when they file their 2018 tax returns may be dramatic. So take a few minutes to revisit the provisions that may affect you.

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5 questions can help nonprofits avoid accounting and tax mistakes


Many nonprofits’ accounting and tax policies and processes aren’t quite up to snuff, potentially putting them at risk of making serious mistakes. Find out if your organization might be among them.

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