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5 delegation best practices for nonprofit leaders


Nonprofit executives simply can’t do it all. If your organization is busy and growing, it’s critical you learn when to delegate to staffers and how to encourage them to effectively accomplish the new tasks.

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Mutual funds: Handle with care at year end


Investment decisions shouldn’t be driven by tax considerations alone, but taxes are still an important factor to consider, especially when it comes to mutual funds in taxable accounts. Consider these year-end tips.

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It’s not too late: You can still set up a retirement plan for 2018


Setting up a retirement plan provides small business owners with many tax and nontax benefits. But time is running out to set one up for 2018. Find out more.

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How fiscal sponsorships work for established — and fledgling — charities


If your organization is approached about “sponsoring” a fledgling charity without 501(c)(3) status, be careful. For a fiscal sponsorship to boost your nonprofit’s profile you need to ensure the right fit.

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Time for NQDC plan deferral elections


Do you receive nonqualified deferred compensation? There may be steps you need to take before year end to defer income taxes and avoid interest and penalties.

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Buy business assets before year end to reduce your 2018 tax liability


Investing in business assets is a traditional and powerful year-end tax planning strategy, and it might make even more sense in 2018. Here’s why.

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LIFO lessons learned


Do the tax benefits of LIFO outweigh the financial reporting challenges? It’s not right for every business. Here’s how to make an informed decision.

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Make your nonprofit’s accounting function more efficient


If your nonprofit’s accounting staff is having trouble with its workload, look for ways to improve efficiency. Adopt these six tips and you can reduce frustration, as well as boost timeliness and accuracy.

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Donate appreciated stock for twice the tax benefits


For certain charitably inclined taxpayers, donating appreciated stock to charity can be an excellent year-end tax planning strategy. This may be especially true if the stock is highly appreciated and you’d like to sell it but are worried about the tax liability.

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Research credit available to some businesses for the first time


If your company engages in qualified research activities, revisit the research credit to be sure you’re taking full advantage of its benefits. Changes under the TCJA could make the credit more valuable for some businesses.

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