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Accounting for pledges isn’t as simple as it might seem


If you don’t record donor pledges in the right financial period, you could run into audit issues and put your nonprofit’s funding in jeopardy. Here’s how to recognize such promises properly.

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Tax record retention guidelines for individuals


After having filed your individual income tax return, you may find yourself buried in tax-related documentation. But you might be reluctant to purge for fear of tossing something important. Here are some tax record retention guidelines that can help.

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Tax document retention guidelines for small businesses


It’s easy to accumulate a mountain of paperwork (physical or digital) from years of filing tax returns. Here are some guidelines to help small businesses determine what they need to keep and what they can throw out.

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Get ready for the new lease standard


Leases will soon be in the spotlight: A new standard is scheduled to move financial reporting for leases from the footnotes to the face of the balance sheet. Learn what this could mean for your business.

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Should your nonprofit have an advisory board?


Advisory board members aren’t responsible for governing your nonprofit the way regular board members are. But they nevertheless have an important role to play.

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Individual tax calendar: Important deadlines for the remainder of 2018


April 17 isn’t the only important tax-related deadline for individuals this year. To avoid interest and penalties, or simply to make the most of tax-saving opportunities, be sure you’re aware of these key dates for the rest of 2018.

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TCJA changes to employee benefits tax breaks: 4 negatives and a positive


Last December’s tax reform law reduces or eliminates tax breaks in 4 employee benefit areas of note. But on the plus side, it creates a tax credit for providing paid family and medical leave. The changes will affect businesses as well as employees.

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Public vs. private companies: When should different accounting rules apply?


From Main Street to Wall Street, businesses come in various sizes. One set of accounting rules can’t fit everyone, so the FASB has been tailoring some standards for private companies.

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4 steps to boosting positive PR for your nonprofit


Getting your nonprofit in the news in a positive way broadens its exposure, enhances its credibility and enables you to spread the word about your mission. To attract more media attention, try these four steps.

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Haven’t filed your 2017 income tax return yet? Beware of these pitfalls


The April 17 individual income tax return filing deadline is almost here. If you haven’t filed yet, watch out for these pitfalls.

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