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Which tax-advantaged health account should be part of your benefits package?


HRAs and HSAs and FSAs, oh my! Pick the best health account to offer your employees.

Tags: tax

How do your accounting estimates measure up?


Every financial statement contains estimates. But some are more reliable than others.

Tags: audit

Valuing and reporting gifts in kind and donated services


How should your nonprofit value and report donated services and gifts in kind?

Tags: nonprofit

Don’t ignore the Oct. 16 extended filing deadline just because you can’t pay your tax bill


Learn what to do if you extended your 2016 individual tax return but can’t pay the tax due.

Tags: tax

Accelerate your retirement savings with a cash balance plan


A cash balance plan can turbocharge a business owner’s retirement savings.

Tags: tax

Strong internal controls help reduce restatements


Follow this internal control framework to minimize restatements due to errors and fraud.

Tags: audit

Are term limits right for your nonprofit’s board members?


Term limits can benefit nonprofit boards, but they can also hinder them. Learn more.

Tags: nonprofit

“Bunching” medical expenses will be a tax-smart strategy for many in 2017


Tax reform may make “bunching” medical expenses an especially valuable strategy this year.

Tags: tax

Timing strategies could become more powerful in 2017, depending on what happens with tax reform


Timing really may be everything for businesses when it comes to 2017 year-end tax planning.

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Don’t let a crisis KO your nonprofit’s special event — plan ahead


Help ensure that your nonprofit’s special event avoids a crisis: Plan ahead. Here’s how.

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