Improve your nonprofit’s strategic planning with a “real-time” approach


Nonprofits that use Real-Time Strategic Planning align their daily actions with their overall strategy. This can result in more donations, media coverage and other advantages. Learn more.

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How to prepare your nonprofit for a financial audit


Annual independent audits don’t have to be stressful. If you devote proper time and attention to accounting throughout the year, you may even find audits affirming. Here’s how to prepare.

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Can your board recognize financial red flags?


Does your nonprofit’s board understand the financial information they receive? Are members able to spot irregularities and warning signs? It could determine your organization’s future.

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How taxes affect your nonprofit’s donors


The rules for deducting charitable gifts can be confusing. Here’s a quick cheat sheet. Review it so you can help your nonprofit’s donors make the best decisions.

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How to gather more feedback from the people you serve


Do your nonprofit’s clients know you’re listening? We have tips for organizations with budgetary or time constraints that prevent them from regularly soliciting feedback.

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Conflict-of-interest policies are too important for nonprofits to neglect


Some nonprofit policies may be optional. But a conflict-of-interest policy isn’t one of them. Learn why you need to list potential conflicts as well as procedures for avoiding them.

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Executing your nonprofit’s capital campaign


Capital campaigns generally are complex, labor-intensive and long. They can last three years or more. Before you attempt to execute a capital campaign, review our tips.

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Congress rolls back burdensome UBIT on transportation benefits


There’s good news for nonprofits burdened by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act provision related to UBIT on employee transportation benefits. Learn what Congress has been up to.

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Keep your nonprofit afloat with a leadership succession plan


Whether your nonprofit is facing an orderly leadership succession or an emergency departure, a written plan can help guide your boat through choppy waters. Here’s what to keep in mind when making your plan.

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How many directors does your nonprofit’s board need?


Both small and large boards come with perks and drawbacks. Consider our list of relevant factors when determining how many board members your nonprofit needs.

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