Should you revise your nonprofit’s bylaws?


Even if your nonprofit’s bylaws are outdated, you can’t just start revising them. First, you need to ensure you have the authority to do so. There are also other considerations. Read more about them.

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Protect your nonprofit from occupational fraud threats


Most nonprofits have occupational fraud risks particular to charities. But strong internal controls and other measures can help prevent your organization from becoming another statistic.

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Nonprofits: Harness the power of cause marketing


With corporate financing and business expertise backing your nonprofit, you might be able to increase your visibility and budget. Learn more about the advantages of cause marketing.

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What to do if your nonprofit receives an IRS audit letter


Is your nonprofit prepared to handle an IRS audit letter? For example, do you know the difference between a field and a correspondence audit? Get the facts.

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Is your nonprofit monitoring the measures that matter?


Four key ratios are critical to ensuring your nonprofit is achieving its mission as cost-effectively as possible. We reveal the four measurements and provide target numbers.

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Fiduciary duties: What your board members need to know


Can you list your board members’ three main fiduciary duties? More important, can your board members? Here’s a quick rundown and a warning about conflicts of interest.

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Associations: Avoid certain activities to preserve tax-exempt status


If your 501(c)(6) association doesn’t know the difference between qualified and nonqualified activities, you could be in trouble. Here’s why.

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Protect your nonprofit by cross-training staff


Cross-training, or teaching employees how to do each other’s jobs, can help provide stability to your nonprofit’s operations and advance your staffers’ professional development. Here’s how.

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Does your nonprofit need a CFO?


Nonprofit CFOs do more than you may think. Depending on the size of the organization, they may oversee HR, IT, facilities and legal affairs, in addition to accounting. Find out whether you need a CFO.

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Don’t let a disaster defeat your nonprofit


No nonprofit can anticipate or eliminate all possible risks. But you can limit the damage of natural and manmade disasters and get back to work faster if you develop a continuity plan.

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