Don’t let a disaster defeat your nonprofit


No nonprofit can anticipate or eliminate all possible risks. But you can limit the damage of natural and manmade disasters and get back to work faster if you develop a continuity plan.

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Developing a fundraising plan that works


If your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts are falling a little flat, it’s time to take a new approach. Here’s a step-by-step guide to forming a fundraising committee and making a strategic plan.

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Can “collective impact” help your nonprofit accomplish more?


“Collective impact” projects can succeed in ways that simply aren’t available to individual nonprofit organizations. But these cross-sector initiatives can be complicated and time-consuming. Learn more.

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How to outsource your nonprofit’s human resources function


If your nonprofit has decided to outsource its HR function, act carefully to ensure you’ll realize the cost savings and other benefits. We provide steps to follow and questions to ask potential HR providers.

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Put a QOE report to work for you


Are you buying or selling a business? If so, a quality of earnings (QOE) report can help identify potential problems and value-adding opportunities, as well as expedite the M&A due diligence process. Here’s how.

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Nonprofit board retreats: The pause that refreshes


Does your nonprofit’s board need time to brainstorm fundraising ideas or to construct a comprehensive strategic plan? Organize a retreat that’s both relaxing and productive. Here are some ideas.

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When you have substantial doubts about your nonprofit’s future


If you’ve analyzed your nonprofit’s condition and determined that it won’t survive another year, disclose your doubts in your organization’s financial statements. We explain the process.

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Why you should run your nonprofit like a business


The strategic plan lies at the core of most for-profit companies. What might a robust strategic plan, and other for-profit tools, do for your nonprofit? Find out.

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Writing a winning grant proposal


To produce a winning grant proposal, start with solid research. The more you know about the grant-maker, the more successful you’ll likely be. Here are some other ideas for getting the grant.

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Nonprofits: You too could fall victim to a celebrity scandal


Public perceptions are difficult to influence at the best of times. If your nonprofit lands in the middle of a PR crisis thanks to a disgraced celebrity supporter, the worst possible action is to take none.

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