How nonprofits can take advantage of corporate volunteers


The best corporate volunteer partnerships are those where the nonprofit’s mission and the company’s core business correlate. Here are some more tips for partnership success.

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New restructuring rules may reduce a nonprofit’s filing burden


New rules have reduced the filing burden for many nonprofit restructurings. But don’t just assume your organization qualifies. You must adhere to certain rules.

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How to protect your nonprofit’s credit cards from misuse


If your nonprofit issues work credit cards to employees, make sure you have a policy that explicitly states how they can (and can’t) use them. Here are some best practices to follow.

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Accounting for contributions and grants is now easier


As a result of recent accounting guidance, your nonprofit may treat grants and similar contracts as contributions more often than it has in the past. Why? And what exactly are the new rules?

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How the EU’s data protection regulations might affect U.S. nonprofits


Questions remain about enforcement of EU rules in the United States. But U.S.-based nonprofits should try to comply with the recent General Data Protection Regulation governing privacy rights. Here’s why.

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Need to know: Give your nonprofit’s board the right information


What information should you share with your board? There are three basic categories. But in general, if it’s something that will help them serve your nonprofit, it’s something you should share.

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Engage supporters with your nonprofit’s annual report


Don’t produce a paint-by-numbers annual report. There’s plenty of leeway to get creative and illustrate your nonprofit’s story so that stakeholders will want to read your report. Here’s how.

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Buy or lease? Both can benefit nonprofits


When a nonprofit must choose whether to buy or lease its facility, the decision-making process can be tough, with many factors to consider. We review the pros and cons of each option.

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Fight fundraising obstacles with personal appeals


For most nonprofits, donations from individual households are declining. Now more than ever, it makes sense to use the power of personal appeals to influence would-be donors.

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Avoid excess benefit transactions and keep your exempt status


Nonprofit board members who personally profit from decisions they’ve made or influenced risk the exempt status of their organizations. Learn how to avoid violating private benefit and inurement provisions.

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