Why your nonprofit must make time for accountability


Nonprofits are obligated to use resources to support their mission and benefit those they serve. Here’s why insisting on accountability is one of the best ways to meet those goals.

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Candid communication can help ease nonprofit staffers’ anxiety


Even if your nonprofit is weathering 2020’s multiple storms, your staffers may be anxious. Make sure you’re clear about where you stand and how you expect your organization to fare financially in the future. Here’s how.

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Your nonprofit may have a license to print money


When licensing arrangements work, both charities and corporate partners can experience significant benefits, including a solid revenue stream. But it’s important to watch out for possible pitfalls.

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Should you reach out to “effective altruists?”


“How do I do the most good with my donation?” That’s what a lot of your nonprofit’s donors are asking. Following an “effective altruism” philosophy could help you answer that question.

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Collective impact initiatives: All for one and one for all


Before your nonprofit joins a collective impact initiative, review five typical requirements. It could mean the difference between reaching charitable goals and the group fizzling out.

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When should you pay nonprofit board members?


There are several pros and cons to weigh before compensating nonprofit board members. And even if you do decide to pay your board, coming to an appropriate amount can be tricky.

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What to do when the audit ends


Just because your nonprofit’s financial audit has ended doesn’t mean your work is done. There are several tasks to complete before the draft report becomes final. Learn what they are.

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Private foundations need strong conflict-of-interest policies


Even if your private foundation has good intentions, it may not be enough. You need a conflict-of-interest policy and a comprehensive understanding of what constitutes self-dealing to avoid IRS scrutiny.

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How nonprofits should classify their workers for tax purposes


How do you pay your nonprofit’s workers? This is just one question you must ask to properly classify staffers as employees or independent contractors. We look at several factors the IRS considers.

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Financial dashboards can steer your nonprofit toward financial success


Financial dashboards help nonprofit leaders make decisions by providing clear visualizations of budgeted amounts, chronological trends and external benchmarks. Here’s how to assemble your dashboard.

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