Fight fundraising obstacles with personal appeals


For most nonprofits, donations from individual households are declining. Now more than ever, it makes sense to use the power of personal appeals to influence would-be donors.

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Avoid excess benefit transactions and keep your exempt status


Nonprofit board members who personally profit from decisions they’ve made or influenced risk the exempt status of their organizations. Learn how to avoid violating private benefit and inurement provisions.

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Protecting youth sports leagues from fraud


Sad but true: Volunteers sometimes steal from the youth sports leagues they’re supposed to be supporting. But there are steps you can take to protect your league, starting with the segregation of duties.

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Nonprofits can borrow, but finding a lender may be tough


You may think your nonprofit has a good rationale for taking out a loan. But banks may not agree. Here’s how to find a lender that will offer reasonable rates and terms.

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A policy can help nonprofits look “gift horses” in the mouth


Yes, you should look “gift horses” in the mouth when they’re gifts to your nonprofit. If you need to decline something, a gift acceptance policy makes it easier to do so without offending the contributor.

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It’s about time: Don’t waste that of your board members


The key to keeping nonprofit board meetings short and productive is good planning. And good planning starts with a well-crafted agenda. Here’s how to prepare one and ensure board members stick to it.

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Nonprofits: How to invest in an investment advisor


What qualities does a good nonprofit investment manager possess? It depends, of course, on the nonprofit. But in general, trustworthiness is paramount. Read on for other important qualifications.

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To make the most of social media, just “listen”


Social listening is cheap and easy to use and can help your nonprofit engage with supporters online. So why isn’t it part of your social media strategy?

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Accountable plans save taxes for staffers and their nonprofit employers


Nobody likes to be taxed after shelling out money for a job-related expense. But that’s what happens when employees receive reimbursements from an organization without an accountable plan. Learn more.

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Don’t flood email inboxes with excessive communications


Too many irrelevant emails from your nonprofit will cause some of your supporters to tune out or unsubscribe from your list. Don’t let this happen! We suggest an easy solution.

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