Summer: A good time to review your investments


As the old song goes: “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” But take some time to review your investment portfolio for possible growth and tax reduction strategies.

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It’s a good time to buy business equipment and other depreciable property


The Section 179 deduction and bonus depreciation for business assets have been increased and expanded. Learn more about these valuable tax breaks.

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Volunteering for charity: Do you get a tax break?


Do you spend time volunteering for charity? While you can’t deduct the value of your time, you may be able to deduct some of the out-of-pocket costs. Here are the rules.

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M&A transactions: Avoid surprises from the IRS


If you buy or sell business assets in an M&A deal, you’re required to report the details of the transaction to the IRS. The tax agency may then compare what both parties report to ensure they’re identical.

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You may have to pay tax on Social Security benefits


If you’re getting close to retirement age, you may be wondering if your Social Security benefits are going to be taxed. And if so, how much will you have to pay?

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Bartering: A taxable transaction even if your business exchanges no cash


Business owners have been engaging in bartering transactions for hundreds of years. But if your company trades goods or services today, be aware there are tax consequences.

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If your kids are off to day camp, you may be eligible for a tax break


If you meet certain requirements, you may be eligible for a tax break on summer day camp expenses you pay for your child. Here is a rundown of the rules.

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Which entity is most suitable for your new or existing business?


In the past couple of years, major changes have been made to the taxation of both C corporations and pass-through entities (including sole proprietorships). So what’s the best entity choice for your small business?

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Is an HSA right for you?


Would you like to pay health care expenses from a tax-advantaged account? A Health Savings Account (HSA) may be right for you.

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2019 Q3 tax calendar: Key deadlines for businesses and other employers


Although you might want to enjoy the lazy days of summer, employers and businesses shouldn’t take it so easy that they miss these important Q3 2019 tax deadlines.

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