Reasons why married couples might want to file separate tax returns


In most cases, married couples who file jointly save more money on taxes than those who file separate returns. However, there are cases when filing separately is a better option.

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The tax aspects of selling mutual fund shares


There are many complex facets involved in selling mutual fund shares. Here’s a rundown.

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Do you want to go into business for yourself?


There are many ways to conduct a business for tax purposes, including as an S corporation or a partnership. But many new ventures start out as sole proprietorships. Here are nine tax rules and considerations involved in operating as that entity.

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There still might be time to cut your tax bill with IRAs


Saving for retirement is essential for financial security and the government provides tax incentives. If you’re eligible, you still have time to contribute to an IRA, Roth IRA or SEP and benefit on your 2019 tax return.

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Do your employees receive tips? You may be eligible for a tax credit


Employers in the food and beverage industry may be eligible for a valuable tax break with the FICA tip credit. Here’s how it works.

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ERM: A systemic approach to reducing your nonprofit’s risks


No organization can contain every threat. That’s where enterprise risk management (ERM) comes in. Learn how ERM can help your nonprofit identify its greatest risks and mitigate them.

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Answers to your questions about 2020 individual tax limits


Not all tax figures are annually adjusted for inflation or change due to legislation. But many do. Here are some Q&As about tax-related figures for 2020.

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Numerous tax limits affecting businesses have increased for 2020


How much can your employees contribute to 401(k) plans this year? How much do employees have to earn in 2020 before they can stop paying Social Security tax? Here are the answers to these and other questions about annual tax-related inflation adjustments affecting businesses.

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Cents-per-mile rate for business miles decreases slightly for 2020


Your business can generally claim vehicle expense deductions by either calculating the actual expenses or using the IRS’s standard mileage rate, which has decreased slightly for 2020. Here are the details.

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Help protect your personal information by filing your 2019 tax return early


Be an early-bird tax return filer this year. It may protect you from tax identity theft. Here’s why.

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