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Is your nonprofit complying with federal procurement requirements?


If your nonprofit doesn’t comply with recently updated federal procurement guidelines, it could risk its funding. Here’s how to ensure your policies and purchases adhere to the rules.

Tags: nonprofit

Seniors may be able to write off Medicare premiums on their tax returns


If you have Medicare insurance (including supplemental), you know it can be expensive to get the coverage you want. But you may be able to deduct the cost of premiums, along with other medical expenses, on your tax return. Here are the rules.

Tags: tax

Traveling for business again? What can you deduct?


On the road again for business? Here’s a rundown of costs you can deduct for business travel.

Tags: tax

Accounting methods: Private companies have options


Different companies have different financial reporting needs. Is your current accounting method a good fit, or is it time for a change?

Tags: audit

Collective impact projects find strength in numbers


Your nonprofit doesn’t have to tackle big, complicated social challenges alone. Collective impact initiatives bring charities, businesses and communities together. Here’s how.

Tags: nonprofit

Tax-favored ways to build up a college fund


Your college savings can go farther with tax-favored vehicles. Here are some options.

Tags: tax

2021 Q3 tax calendar: Key deadlines for businesses and other employers


Although you might want to enjoy the lazy days of summer, employers and businesses should be careful not to miss these third quarter 2021 tax deadlines.

Tags: tax

Accounting estimates present challenges in times of uncertainty


Making subjective accounting estimates would be a lot easier if you had a crystal ball or a time-travel machine. In the absence of such tools, managers and auditors may need to adjust their mindsets for market volatility.

Tags: audit

What nonprofit board members need to know about fiduciary duties


From financial oversight to risk management to avoiding conflicts of interest, there’s a lot that nonprofit board members need to know. Here’s a quick summary.

Tags: nonprofit

Retiring soon? 4 tax issues you may face


Tax planning is still important after you retire. Here are some of the tax implications of retirement.

Tags: tax

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