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What are the tax implications of winning money or valuable prizes?


There are tax implications if you hit a sizable jackpot in the lottery or while gambling. Here are the basic rules.

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2023 Q4 tax calendar: Key deadlines for businesses and other employers


The leaves are beginning to turn in some areas so it’s time for businesses to start thinking about year-end tax strategies. It’s also a good time to think about the fourth quarter 2023 tax filing deadlines.

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Evaluate whether a Health Savings Account is beneficial to you


Many employers offer Health Savings Accounts to their workers. You may also be able to open one of these tax-saving accounts through some banks and other financial institutions. Here are the basic rules.

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It’s important to understand how taxes factor into M&A transactions


Buying or selling a business? It may be the most important transaction you ever make. So it’s important to seek professional tax advice as you negotiate. Don’t wait until a deal is done!

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Investment swings: What’s the tax impact?


For some investors, 2023 has been a wild ride in the stock market. How will that affect your 2023 tax bill? Here’s how to determine the tax impact.

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Spouse-run businesses face special tax issues


Many spouses operate small businesses together. Here’s a look at some of the tax issues they may face.

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Update on depreciating business assets


Inflation has some beneficial side effects. One is that the amount of depreciation tax breaks your business can claim has increased for 2023. Here are the rules.

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Selling your home for a big profit? Here are the tax rules


If you’re selling your principal residence, or you already sold your home in 2023, some or all of the profit may be tax-free. It depends on the amount of profit and your income. Take a look at the basic rules.

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Divorcing business owners should pay attention to the tax consequences


Divorce can be financially complicated, especially if one or both of the spouses owns a business.

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The tax consequences of employer-provided life insurance


If your employer provides you with group term life insurance, it may add to your tax bill. It depends on the amount. Here are the rules.

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