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Two important tax deadlines are coming up — and they don’t involve filing your 2022 tax return


Of course, the deadline to file your 2022 tax return is in April. But here are a couple important tax deadlines in April for certain taxpayers.

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2023 Q2 tax calendar: Key deadlines for businesses and employers


Does this year’s April 18 filing deadline apply to your business? What additional tax deadlines are there for businesses and employers during the second quarter of 2023?

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The 2022 gift tax return deadline is coming up soon


The income tax return deadline is April 18 this year. But it’s also the deadline for filing a gift tax return if you made large gifts last year. Find out if you’re required to file a 2022 gift tax return and why you may want to file one anyway.

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Changes in Sec. 174 make it a good time to review the R&E strategy of your business


A tax law that passed in 2017 makes a major change to Section 174 research and experimental (R&E) expenses. Here’s what it might mean for your 2022 business tax return being filed this year.

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Claiming losses on depreciated or worthless stock


If you invest in the stock market, you’ve probably owned some losing shares. Here’s how to claim losses on your tax return for depreciated or worthless stock.

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Protect the “ordinary and necessary” advertising expenses of your business


How does a business know if advertising and marketing expenses are “ordinary and necessary” so they can be deducted on its tax return? Here’s a look at the issue.

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Awarded money in a lawsuit or settlement? It’s only tax-free in certain circumstances


If you receive a personal injury settlement or award, do you have to pay tax on it? Here are the rules, along with court cases involving two taxpayers who had to pay tax on their settlements.

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Buying a new business vehicle? A heavy SUV is a tax-smart choice


Are you a business owner thinking about buying a vehicle to use in your enterprise? Here’s an option that may save you taxes this year.

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Do you run a business from home? You may be able to deduct home office expenses


If you’re a business owner who works from home, you may be able to save tax with home office deductions. Here are the rules to qualify.

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Child Tax Credit: The rules keep changing but it’s still valuable


If you’re a parent, you know that children are expensive. Fortunately, there’s a federal Child Tax Credit that may help you with the expenses. Here are the current rules.

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