Follow the cutoff rules for revenue and expenses


Timing counts in financial reporting. Strict cutoff rules apply to companies that use accrual-based accounting methods. Is your company getting it right?

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Accounting methods: Private companies have options


Different companies have different financial reporting needs. Is your current accounting method a good fit, or is it time for a change?

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Accounting estimates present challenges in times of uncertainty


Making subjective accounting estimates would be a lot easier if you had a crystal ball or a time-travel machine. In the absence of such tools, managers and auditors may need to adjust their mindsets for market volatility.

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Hit or miss: Is your working capital on-target?


There’s a fine line between carrying excessive amounts of working capital and operating too lean. Efficient operations hinge on finding your organization’s target working capital.

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Using your financial statements to evaluate capital budgeting decisions


Taking your business to the next level may require a major infusion of capital. A disciplined approach to evaluating capital investment decisions can help get the biggest bang for your buck.

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What’s “fair value” in an accounting context?


Traditionally, most assets and liabilities were reported on the balance sheet at historical cost. Now, there’s a trend toward “fair value” reporting. Here’s how the change is affecting financial reporting.

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Receivables may be a source of cash in tough times


Is your business having trouble getting customers to pay on time? Here are five effective ways to maximize collections and minimize write-offs.

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Liabilities for unused time off mount as pandemic lingers


From staycations to road trips, people are using paid time off differently (or not at all) during the pandemic. When employees forego paid leave, employers may see their accruals skyrocket. Plus, there may be hidden costs, too.

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Accounting for business combinations


Most private business owners and managers have limited M&A experience. Often, they’re unprepared for the complicated accounting rules that apply after closing … and what buyers don’t know may come back to haunt them.

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What’s on the FASB’s 2021 agenda?


Companies have had to digest several major changes to the accounting rules in recent years. Now the FASB has a new chairman, Richard Jones. Here’s a current list of his pet projects and goals.

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