Is your nonprofit complying with federal procurement requirements?


If your nonprofit doesn’t comply with recently updated federal procurement guidelines, it could risk its funding. Here’s how to ensure your policies and purchases adhere to the rules.

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Collective impact projects find strength in numbers


Your nonprofit doesn’t have to tackle big, complicated social challenges alone. Collective impact initiatives bring charities, businesses and communities together. Here’s how.

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What nonprofit board members need to know about fiduciary duties


From financial oversight to risk management to avoiding conflicts of interest, there’s a lot that nonprofit board members need to know. Here’s a quick summary.

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Nonprofits: Limit disaster damage with a plan


To help ensure the safety of their people and limit property damage, all organizations need to prepare for possible disasters. But some organizations need to plan more extensively. Is yours one of them?

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Making the decision to hire new nonprofit staffers


The decision to hire new staffers may be the most difficult one your nonprofit will make this year. So ensure you’ve thought through it carefully and consider these alternatives first.

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Is a merger in your nonprofit’s post-pandemic plans?


There are worthwhile reasons for nonprofits to merge. But it’s also important to remember that mergers can fail. Read on for the pros and cons.

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Time to plan an in-person board retreat?


Nonprofit board retreats enable members to move past the mundane topics of regular meetings and get creative. Here’s how to plan a safe and successful in-person retreat.

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Do you know the new accounting rules for gifts in kind?


New rules for nonprofits to report gifts in kind (such as land or services) take effect for annual periods starting after June 15. So if you haven’t already familiarized yourself with the rules, now’s the time.

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Minimize the need to make year-end financial adjustments


Why don’t your nonprofit’s interim and year-end financial statements match? It may come down to cash basis vs. accrual accounting. Here’s how to minimize the need to make adjustments.

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Reduce your nonprofit’s liability risk with D&O insurance


Most nonprofits are wary of adding expensive insurance coverage. But a directors and officers (D&O) policy can protect board members from financial liability and ultimately save money.

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