Strategies for investors to cut taxes as year-end approaches


The end of the year is a good time to examine your portfolio for tax purposes. Here are some strategies that may save you taxes.

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Intangible assets: How must the costs incurred be capitalized?


Any transaction your business engages in involving intangible assets and their related costs should be analyzed to determine the tax implications. Here are the basic rules.

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Year-end giving to charity or loved ones


Many people like to give thanks at this time of year by donating to their favorite charities. Here are the basic 2022 rules for charitable contributions and gifts to loved ones.

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Is your business closing? Here are your final tax responsibilities


If your business is closing its doors, taxes may be the last thing on your mind. But there are a number of tax obligations that must be met when a business shuts down. Here are the basic requirements.

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How savings bonds are taxed


Do you own savings bonds? Here’s how the interest on the bonds is taxed.

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Computer software costs: How does your business deduct them?


The tax treatment of computer software costs can be more complicated than you might think. Here are the basic rules.

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Adopting a child? Bring home a tax break too


Adopting a child can be expensive. Fortunately, there may be a valuable tax break for parents. Here are the tax credit amounts for 2022 and 2023.

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2023 limits for businesses that have HSAs — or want to establish them


Do you have a Health Savings Account at your business? Or are you interested in establishing one? Here are the contribution limits for next year, as compared with this year.

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How inflation will affect your 2022 and 2023 tax bills


Many people are feeling the squeeze of inflation. What does this mean for your federal tax bill? Here’s what the inflationadjusted amounts will be for several provisions in 2023, as compared with 2022.

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Inflation means you and your employees can save more for retirement in 2023


The tax-advantaged retirement plan contribution amounts will be much higher next year than they’ve been in recent years. The reason? Inflation. Find out how much can be saved in 401(k)s, SEP plans, IRAs and more.

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