Smooth sailing: Tips to speed processing and avoid hassles this tax season


Help speed processing and avoid hassles this tax season with these tips.

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Entrepreneurs and taxes: How expenses are claimed on tax returns


Entrepreneurs be aware: Not all start-up expenses can be deducted on your federal tax return right away. Some may have to be amortized over time.

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Help safeguard your personal information by filing your 2021 tax return early


Want to get your tax return sooner and protect yourself from tax identity theft? File your tax return early.

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Numerous tax limits affecting businesses have increased for 2022


How much can your employees contribute to 401(k) plans this year? How much will your business be able to deduct for business meals, driving expenses and equipment in 2022? Here are the answers to these and other questions about tax inflation adjusted amounts and other changes affecting businesses.

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How will revised tax limits affect your 2022 taxes?


How much can you contribute to a 401(k) plan for 2022? How much is the standard deduction? How much do you have to earn this year before you can stop paying Social Security on your salary? Here are some answers to these and other tax-related questions for 2022.

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Businesses with employees who receive tips may be eligible for a tax credit


Owners of restaurants and bars have had a rough couple of years due to the pandemic. Keep in mind that employers in the food and beverage industry may be eligible for a valuable tax break with the FICA tip credit. Here’s how it works.

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Are you eligible for a medical expense tax deduction?


One of your new year’s resolutions may be to take better care of your health. But can you deduct your out-of-pocket medical costs on your tax return?

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Defer tax with a like-kind exchange


With real estate prices up in some markets, the “like-kind” exchange strategy may be attractive if you want to sell commercial or investment real estate.

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Gig workers should understand their tax obligations


Many people have become gig workers to earn extra money through online platforms. Find out more about the tax implications of these jobs.

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Will the standard business mileage rate go up in 2022? Yes!


The price of gas is up about $1 a gallon from a year ago. How does this affect the amount your business can deduct for business driving in 2022?

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