4 ideas that may help reduce your 2023 tax bill


Before you know it, 2024 will be here. But until then, there may still be time to reduce your 2023 federal tax liability by taking these steps.

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A company car is a valuable perk but don’t forget about taxes


For many key employees, the use of a company car is a cherished perk. But before you hand over the keys, make sure you understand the federal tax rules.

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Don’t forget to empty out your flexible spending account


If you have a flexible spending account, you may want to use up the money before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Here’s why.

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There still may be time to reduce your small business 2023 tax bill


The holiday whirlwind has begun. There may be ways your small business can save on 2023 taxes. But you must act fast.

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Key 2024 inflation-adjusted tax amounts for individuals


Every year, the dollar amounts allowed for various federal tax benefits are subject to change based on inflation adjustments. The IRS recently announced the amounts for 2024.

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Key 2024 inflation-adjusted tax parameters for small businesses and their owners


Before you know it, 2024 will be here. The IRS recently announced inflation-adjusted amounts for next year that are relevant to small businesses.

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11 Exceptions to the 10% penalty tax on early IRA withdrawals


If you need cash, you may want to tap your traditional IRA. But if you’re not yet 59½, you may have to pay a penalty tax if you do. Here are 11 exceptions to the penalty.

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A cost segregation study may cut taxes and boost cash flow


Ever heard of a cost segregation study? It’s a strategy that can yield tax benefits, but it’s not the right move for every business. Here’s how it can help accelerate depreciation deductions on the building that houses your enterprise.

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What you need to know about restricted stock awards and taxes


Perhaps you receive executive compensation in the form of restricted stock awards. Here’s how these awards work, how they’re restricted and an explanation of the tax ramifications.

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Choosing a business entity: Which way to go?


Choosing the best entity for your business is a multi-faceted decision. Here’s a look at the some of the considerations.

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